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Empowering Community Developers & Enterprises to Upskill, Sustain & Scale!

About Us

We Created a Place for the "Band of Disruptive Catalyst" Working to Change the World!

The UDC Resiliency Studio is an online portal designed to Harness the Efficacy of Equitable, Efficient and Effective Economic Ecosystems.

Our platform offers industry specific organizational and professional development “how to” methodologies for entities seeking to upskill their team and leadership and effectively sustain operations and scale.

The Resiliency Studio’s Ethos Is Rooted In Purpose To Catalyze 'The How" of Economic Opportunities Across Niche Industry Ecosystems That Empower Community Based Entrepreneurial Ventures and Asset Ownership. Our focus is to provide results-oriented pathways to connect talent with opportunities and business offerings with business needs.

If you are seeking to make an impact on the communities you serve, the Resiliency Studio provides the information and resources to help drive your strategy. We are fostering an acute focus on specific aspects of high growth industries that can directly impact the economic viability and sustainability of local communities and impactfully contribute to wealth generation.

Our Blueprint

Catalyzing Growth Opportunities!

Enhancing Capacities

Access to information and insight on how to leverage resources, build and scale closes the opportunity gap. The Resiliency Studio opens access by sharing the "How To".

Capitalizing Ownership

Equity and debt capital are the quintessential ingredients that level the playing field for for small and BIPOC ventures. Let's capture, create and leverage capital....TOGETHER!

Structuring Legacies

Let's both study our crafts and cast our buckets where we are to create formidable entities and operations that will scale and provide economic security from generation to generation.

6 Build Blocks Thread Our Blueprint Strategy to Foster the Unlikely Business of Economic Resiliency Within Our Targeted Niche Industries:

  • Arts & Culture 
  • Community Development
  • Culinary Ventures
  • Housing Development
  • Film & Production
  • Nonprofit Development 
  • Urban Retail
1. Knowledge and Application:

Share industry specific best practice information and procedures to help foster viable, equitable, competitive and innovative venture operations.

2. Vision and Leadership:

Share methodologies and resources to plan, craft, hone and drive operational purpose and tenacity within business ventures and industry ecosystems. 

3. Team and Management:

Foster discerning connectivity by and between requisite talent and opportunity providers and facilitate formidable professional development.

4. Skills and Methodologies:

Provide best in class executive and staff development to build internal capacities to foster sustainable growth and expansion.

5. Networking and Prospecting:

Facilitate relevant cohort connectivity by and between industry ecosystems and foster access to business development opportunities through requisite knowledge sharing.

6. Sustain and Scale:

Share industry specific best practice methodologies, technologies and innovation to foster operational efficiencies and expansion strategies.  

Accelerator Hubs

A Space to Foster Economic Parity! The UDC Opportunity Center serves as an online antidote to brain drain by connecting local talent with local opportunities in each of our targeted growth oriented industries. 

Construction Industry - LIVE

Film & Production - LIVE

Nonprofit and Government Agencies - LIVE

Real Estate & Finance Sector - LIVE 

A Space to Make it Happen! Acutely focused on providing insight and best practices for deal structuring, design development, entitlement strategies, capital deck structuring and ownership entities formation for various types of housing, commercial, mixed use, special use, public facility, industrial and P3 development projects.

Housing Dev. RFPs, NOFAs and Financing

Real Estate Development 101


A Space to Shape and Codify Ideas!  Focused efforts on developing core elements of sustainable creative industry ventures: Proof of Concept Vetting, Operations Plans, Partnership Assessment, Equity vs Debt Analysis, Investor Pitch Decks, Brand/Market Strategies, Team Building, Professional Development, Job Training and Scaling Strategies.

Stocker Street Creative Gallery - LIVE

Creative Industry Resources - LIVE


A Space to Build Change!  Structured to assist non-profit or association organizations with implementing strategic planning, leadership development, professional development, brand development, annual and capital campaign management, proposal development, program development, budgeting and fund accounting, technology integration and outcomes driven reporting efforts through accountable methodologies.

Fund Development Resources - LIVE

Nonprofit Fund Development 101 - LIVE MAY 4th

Membership Plans

Resiliency Studio membership is FREE! This plan includes information provided in each of our accelerator hubs. You can also sign-up for each of the PAID workshops and bootcamps individually which includes FREE membership to the Resiliency Studio.