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We Created a Place for the "Band of Disruptive Catalyst" Working to Change the World!

The Urban Design Center (UDC) Resiliency Studio (RS) is designed for management and frontline team members seeking to enhance their industry specific technical expertise and organizational capacities.  RS provides the requisite tools needed for participants to move their entities and ventures to the next level stay ahead of the curve!

The Resiliency Studio’s atthos is rooted in purpose to catalyze 'The How" of economic opportunities across niche industry ecosystems that empower community based entrepreneurial ventures and asset ownership.  We are fostering an acute focus on specific aspects of high growth industries that can directly impact the economic viability and sustainability of local communities. Our Resiliency Studio fosters peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration in an open and engaging environment.  If you are seeking to make an impact on the communities you serve, the Resiliency Studio provides the information and resources to help drive your strategy.

In our Resiliency Studio, participants will discover a plethora of best practice instructional webinars, live workshops, bootcamps, podcast, thought leadership work groups, industry forums, reference information and training materials in partnership with industry experts that are hosted across four collections: 1) Workshops and Bootcamps, 2) Funding and Resources, 3) Opportunity Center and 4) Communities and Spaces.  UDC also has the capacity to create specialize training content for online or in-person workshops for specific job opportunities.

Our Blueprint

Our three pronged Resiliency Blueprint to catalyze growth opportunities includes:

Enhancing Capacities

Access to information and insight on how to leverage resources, build and scale closes the opportunity gap.  The Resiliency Studio opens  access by sharing the "How To".

Capitalizing Ownership

Equity and debt capital are the quintessential ingredients that level the playing field for for small and BIPOC ventures.  Let's capture, create and leverage capital....TOGETHER!

Structuring Legacies

Let's both study our crafts and cast our buckets where we are to create formidable entities and operations that will scale and provide economic security from generation to generation.

6 Building Blocks Thread Our Blueprint Strategy to Foster the Unlikely Business of Economic Resiliency Within Our Targeted Niche Industries:

  • Arts & Culture 
  • Community Development
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing Development
  • Film & Production
  • Nonprofit Development 
  • Urban Retail
1. Knowledge and Application:

Share industry specific best practice information and procedures to help foster viable, equitable, competitive and innovative venture operations.

2. Vision and Leadership:

Share methodologies and resources to plan, craft, hone and drive operational purpose and tenacity within business ventures and industry ecosystems. 

3. Team and Management:

Foster discerning connectivity by and between requisite talent and opportunity providers and facilitate formidable professional development.

4. Skills and Methodologies:

Provide best in class executive and staff development to build internal capacities to foster sustainable growth and expansion.

5. Networking and Prospecting:

Facilitate relevant cohort connectivity by and between industry ecosystems and foster access to business development opportunities through requisite knowledge sharing.

6. Sustain and Scale:

Share industry specific best practice methodologies, technologies and innovation to foster operational efficiencies and expansion strategies.


The Spaces in each of our Resiliency Studio Collections are uniquely crafted to foster acute focus on industry specific professional, organizational or community advancement.

Details on the Resiliency Studio Work Space Collections:

Our Workshops & Bootcamps offer the opportunity for participants to gain the knowledge and skills that can help accelerate their business or career. Join us and let's embark on a journey of growth and success together!

Nonprofit Fund Development 101: Art of the Ask


This Fund Development 101 Art of the Ask Workshop highlights strategies for preparation of competitive individual, foundation and corporate appeals. This workshop has been purposefully created for leaders striving to develop funding for social service programs, special needs housing, youth programs, community health services, business development agencies and social enterprise ventures.

SIX WEEKS - This workshop consists of four 2-hour modules of content covered over four weeks. Two additional 2-hour sessions will be scheduled in weeks 5-6 for group break-out work sessions and individual organization presentations designed to help attendees fine tune their appeals.

Each attendee will be tasked with reviewing the list of relevant grants, sample appeals and resource information ahead of each work session and completing the requisite worksheets by the end of the workshop.

Create a 501c3 Organization 


This 7-Part, A to Z Bootcamp will prepare your organization to develop your mission, goals and objectives, draft your program and project elements, setup your organizational structure, complete the required business formation documents and draft your IRS 1023 form and the state application required to establish your 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. 

The structure of the bootcamp is simple, we guide you through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW elements needed to craft the purpose and intent of your organization and to draft the necessary formation documents to get your entity started.  We will share a step-by-step approach to help you and your formation committee structure your vision to create a nonprofit entity.  Each session will include samples, worksheets and the forms necessary to create your entity and navigate efforts through your first year of operation. 

Create Your 1-3 YR Strategic Plan to Scale


This workshop is structured to assist non-profits and small businesses with creating and implementing strategic planning efforts for organizational development, leadership development, professional development, program development, facility expansion, brand development, annual and capital campaign management, fund development, accounting management, technology integration and outcomes driven reporting efforts through KPI centered and accountable methodologies.

Small Site Housing Development


This 8-week workshop will guide participates through deal structuring and capital stack strategies that work to catalyze the production of small site housing and mixed-use development projects.

The workshop will cover team selection, concept development, land acquisition, planning and entitlement, architectural programing, sustainable design, plan submittal, value engineering, financial packaging, grant development, capital formation, construction bidding, project management and tenant lease-up.

This workshop will feature experienced developers as guest presenters who will share practical "how to" information that can help guide participants through their own development strategies and the ability to network with other participants as part of our peer-to-peer learning experiences.

The UDC Opportunity Center serves as an online antidote to brain drain by connecting local talent with local opportunities in each of our targeted growth oriented industries. 

Our Opportunity Center is an online industry specific career, job and contract opportunity posting and search network that fosters meaningful interconnections by and between talent seekers and searchers. With an initial focus on Los Angeles County, our Opportunity Center has been designed to help companies onboard resilient leadership, staff and vendors and stay true to their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) objectives. Our core industries include:

  • Government and Nonprofit
  • Design and Construction
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate and Finance
  • Film and Television 
  • College and Job Readiness

Employers can post jobs to the UDC Opportunity Center portal which links to a network of leading job boards for maximum exposure for opportunities listed.  Our Opportunity Center is a great search engine for career professionals, job seekers and students:

Resumes Posting
  • Anonymous resume posting
  • Sample resumes for viewing
  • Resume and profile writing coaching
Job Search Coaching
  • Access to pre-job fair and interview coaching
  • Access to industry overview workgroups
  • Access to industry leader speaker series
  • Access to professional development training
Opportunity Search
  • Easy search ability by industry, company and region
  • View in-depth company profiles
  • Relevant job postings sent via email
  • Invites to partner job fairs

On the Resiliency Studio professional development portal, job seekers can research detailed information regarding various industry specific positions, elements of employer performance measurements for work efforts, deep dive on best practice task management methodologies and garner insight on pathways for career advancement or to secure corporate board seat opportunities.

Our online Resiliency Studio services also includes creation of Custom Company Directed Trainings for employees, committees, boards and volunteers which are hosted in our Resiliency Studio, an online portal designed to “Harness the Efficacy of Equitable, Efficient and Effective Economic Ecosystems”. It is specifically structured to provide the requisite tools needed for participants to enhance their industry specific technical expertise to move their entities and ventures to the next level and to stay ahead of the curve!

We created this Funding and Resources Space to help nonprofit organizations, small businesses and development entrepreneurs access, track and understand the parameters for competitively pursuing foundation grants, Request for Proposals (RFP), Notices a Funding Availability (NOFA), contract opportunities as well as private debt and equity capital offerings for their entities and development projects.  

This Space also host a plethora of “how to” organizational, professional, and business development resources to help catalyze leaders in their efforts to transition their visions into reality!

The Resiliency Studio team will host live briefings on upcoming funding opportunities to help engage members in the sometimes arduous and time-consuming process of developing resources for their venture or idea.

It is our hope that members will use this space to collaborate and share best practices methodologies.

“Onward & Upward”!

The Resiliency Studio is dedicated to hosting and supporting the efforts of Communities and Spaces activating to promote community and economic development.  Join our Communities and Spaces to explore, connect and thrive in the places where people are championing change!

Stocker Street Creative

The goal of Stocker Street Creative is to build a transformative state-of-the-art creative campus for studio and sound stage production, creative industry office spaces, business and technology incubation and industry specific job development within a collaborative ecosystem designed to drive economic development within the South and Southeast Los Angeles communities while leveraging the greater Los Angeles County creative industry.  

Leimert Park Village, a Cultural Arts and Community Mecca

The purpose of Leimert Park Village, Inc. is to engage and facilitate community interests in, and the implementation of, arts, cultural, community service, entrepreneurial advancement, planning and sustainable economic development activities that enhance the vitality of the Leimert Park Village and Crenshaw Corridor commercial areas of the City of Los Angeles.

We are looking forward to engaging with you in the Resiliency Studio!

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